Nori, papersiu?

This question, given by a famous Lithuanian actor and humorist, can be understood ambiguous. One of the meanings is to ask in a sauna someone whether he or she wants to be massaged with vanta, which is a bunch of dried branches and leaves, used to gently beat the skin to improve blood circulation and cleanse the skin.
Are you curious what the second meaning of the question is? It means – to ask someone if you can pass gas natural way…

Farmstead “Pas Vyta” has its own steam bathhouse, which can comfortably seat 6 to 8 people. During your sauna bath, you can enjoy other pleasures such as: relaxing massage of entire body using vanta, softening and smoothing skin body peeling using natural ingredients like salt, essential oils and honey. A swim in the Galstas Lake is a great way to cool off after a sauna. The shore of the lake is clean, sandy and suitable for swimming. For the very brave we recommend to try winter rolling in the snow or dipping in an ice hole.

The lobby of the sauna can be used as small dining room. It’s equipped with table, fridge, sink, kettle, dishes and heated by a small cast iron stove. In the attic of the sauna you can stay overnight.

Homestead’s bathhouse – a perfect place to relax for families, groups of friends and anglers.