The Lake Galstas

Into the Lake Galstas flow few small spring brooks. Galstas widens in the south, merging with the Lake Zapsys. The deepest point of the lake – 50 meters, average depth – 14 meters. The lake shore isn’t densely overgrown with weeds. Reed and bulrush grow rather in a small groups, than cover all the lakeshore.
To get more information about the Lake Galstas visit or just ask the homestead hosts.

The Apartment

Countryside tourism homestead “Pas Vytą” is perfectly combining the natural and man-made environment. “The Apartment” is a stylized tree trunk with many bird houses, which are always full of “feathered tenants”.

500 tons

The surrounding of Galstas lake is known of presence of large sized stones. In the farmstead “Pas Vytą” each stone has its own place, what creates an atmosphere of harmony and peace. The owner Vytas admits, that all farmstead stones would weight about 500 tons.

Homestead in the winter

Homestead looks beautiful during the winter when the snowflakes swirl around. Surrounded by silence and whiteness observe freely our winter visitors: tit, bullfinch and roe dears.