Services – rest with nature

Homestead “Pas Vytą” is a perfect place not only to rest in one of five wooden houses, but also great spot for boat trip or fishing. There is an outside toilet. At your request we will warm up sauna.
At the lakeshore, next to the jetty, we prepared for you a campfire place. You will find there everything you need for successful and enjoyable barbeque: grill, skewers and grilling baskets. Near the second jetty – a cozy arbor and swings.

We have own traditional smokehouse, where we can smoke freshly caught fish. Bring your fish to us and we will smoke it as you like.

Don’t confine yourself just to the shore fishing. Homestead “Pas Vytą” offers five rowboats and water bike – not only for fishing but also for admiring the beautiful sights of the Lake Galstas.

Lake boasts a variety of fish including: perch, roach, pike, bleak, gudgeon, bream, crucian carp, silver bream, tench, carp, rudd, roach, vendace, smelt, catfish, eel and many other freshwater fish.

Beam is the most common fish caught in the Lake Galstas. More experienced anglers are expected to catch a large pike, roach or perch. Need a hint where to find fine specimen fish including crucian carp, tench and roach? We advise to try in the shallower parts of the lake, you may even catch a medium-sized pike! Those fish, which prefer smelt and vendace as a prey, hide in the deeper parts of the lake. What’s interesting – the Galstas Lake since old times has been famous for its eels.

Fishing on Lake Galstas

Interested in visiting neighbourhood?!

Homestead hosts can organize a trip to the most interesting and beautiful places of Lazdijai district, Druskininkai, Liskiava area, as well as to neighbouring Poland. Not far from the border is located Augustow town and famous Augustowski Channel, where was sailing the pope John Paul II.
Choose a day trip through historical land of Suvalkija or a culinary tour and get the chance to taste intriguing local cuisine. The host Vytas will prepare for you delicious meal cooked over an open fire or in traditional wood-fire oven. We guarantee – you will ask for more!

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